Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Mob - Maryland Style

Maryland is a liberal state. So the passion of this crowd just goes to show, it is not just far right winged nuts that are against this bill.

A pretty good crowd for Wednesday night. Hagerstown is small town USA.

Is this attire OK Senator Boxer?

Two fewer members of AARP.

Now, this is a man after my own heart

These signs look homemade to me.

You go girl - You vote for socialized medicine - start looking for another job.

Now, this is surprising. Sen. Cardin is very well respected and liked in Maryland.

A Marylander reading Levin. Could he be correct that conservatism is on the ascendency?

Hey, Nancy these look like real Americans to me.


Left Coast Rebel said...

Nice pictures but where are the swastikas? The white hoods? The effigys? I mean come on, Olberman and Think Progress has told me so!

Kidding aside, great work, the tide is changing. Keep up the strong voice, maybe next time we both will be featured in Politico for our activism. I will cede the throne to you however, you certainly have me topped!

Chuck said...

Your right, clearly a bunch of right wing whackos

hometown guy said...

good turnout and vigorous protesting by good, country-loving citizens!
however, why are they carrying signs arguing against fake things?

sign #1 - government-run health care. which proposal equals government run health care?

sign #4 - obamas senior health plan - euthanasia. really? i mean, really? will anyone just acknowledge that this doesn't exist already?

sign #5 - ok, good point.

signs #6-whatever - socialism? in the health care plan? i don't think so, there's really nothing socialist about it. in fact, it's very solidly capitalist. single pay no way? ok, i agree. let's get rid of the single-payer system bill. oh wait, there isn't one.

The Redhead Riter said...

Great pictures. Watching the news last night was an adventure. Listening to my mom about this issue is an adventure!

I hope you have a great day!

Just a conservative girl said...

Ok, you keep kidding yourself that isn't about a single payor system. That is exactly what it is about. He is on record saying that is what he wants. More than once in fact. He knows he can't do it all at once.

Amusing Bunni said...

I love these pics, CG: This is a wonderful post! Did you take them yourself, if so, you should send to fox news, and drudge.

The lies and plants and falsehoods are coming out so fast from these criminals, I can hardly keep tract.
I just got google analytics yesterday, and I know people are visiting my blog, but I can't find out how to track my visitors. I'd be interested to see if the stalinist regime is visiting and tracking me too! I need to figure out how to do that, but at least I installed it, thanks to our pal Black & Gold Fan! Take Care and keep posting the Truth.

Just a conservative girl said...

No, I didn't go. I got these pictures from a facebook friend. It wasn't very far from where I live, but I didn't feel I should be crossing state lines to attend.
I am amazed that many people turned out in Maryland. It is a very good sign for those who want this bill to go away.

Anonymous said...

The reason that there are so many Marylander out there is because there alot of conservatives in the state but the democrats win prince georges county and Baltimore city and county which carry more sway. Alot of us are pist off by the corruption of are local politians but are drowning in apathy and ignorance of the general public.

Joe from Baltimore

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