Sunday, August 16, 2009

Conservative Girl Adventure - Meet the Next GOP Governor

On Friday night the Republican Women's Coalition in Northern Virginia had a meet and greet with Bob McDonnell who is running for Governor in Virginia. All polls have him well ahead. More than 200 people showed up. Which for early Friday evening in August is a great showing. The DC area is normally not very happening in August. I was interested in hearing him talk about the 10th ammendment. It is becoming more and more apparent that the federal government is ignoring states rights. Bob has made a pledge to protect our rights as a state. He was against taking some of the stimulus money. A wise move since the state is now tied to keep funding projects, regardless of our budget. Again we heard some discussion regarding transportation and job creation. We also heard him discuss the technology sector that Northern Virginia is home to in the Dulles Corridor. I have signed up to help on the campaign and will be working at the polls on election day. I will keep you updated on the happenings.

Terri Christoph is one of the original founders of Smart Girls Politics. She is full of energy and working hard to help conservative women to get their voices heard.

Sasha Gong is running for Virginia Delegate for the Virginia 46th. She has an amazing life story, growing up in communist China. She has spent time in a Chinese jail for speaking out for human rights. Her book is available on Amazon. Well worth the read.

I met some people who grew up in Sudan and have been blessed enough to come and live in America. They are working hard to help get Sasha Gong elected. They also understand the importance of our constitution and the freedoms that many take for granted.

I have said before, Smart Girls Rock!!! This is Annie, a young woman who has put her education on hold to work for the McDonnell for Governor campaign. She is dedicated and hardworking. A good thing she is on our side.


LL said...

Let the Old Dominion lead the way. Maybe the fruits and nuts in California will be inspired.

Opus #6 said...

Oh my gosh. You HAVE been busy. That's amazing. And you met Teri Christoph. I see her all the time at SGP. How wise of the politicians to work with you. I hope that they turn out to be as conservative in office as they seem to be on the campaign trail.

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