Friday, April 9, 2010

Principles and Consequences - Stupak to Retire

Bart Stupak is due to officially announce his retirement from Congress.  On one hand Stupak never made any bones about the fact that he wanted to get healthcare passed; yet he kept saying that he wouldn't bend on his principles on the right to life.  But he did.  He sold out his own stated principles.  He knows that an executive order doesn't trump law.  If he doesn't know that, he certainly doesn't belong in the body that writes the laws. 

Reportedly, the White House reached out to Stupak to try and get him to stay in the race for re-election.  But, he was fighting an uphill battle, as the tea party and the pro-life movements in this country have already spent a half million dollars in his district on television advertising since his vote.  He is expected to say that he wants to spend more time for his family.  My advice to Stupak is he should really spend some time looking for his lost principles. 


LL said...

Stupak gone is a good thing.

I really don't care why. He needs to spend time with his family/his health is failing/he is looking for new challenges, etc. Who cares.

This morally bankrupt cur has his blood money paid for his vote. Karma will deal with him and it's not going to be pretty.

Meanwhile we can put a conservative in his seat like we put Scott Brown in Teddy Kennedy's chair.

Just a conservative girl said...

The man who is running is interesting. He is a doctor. I have heard him interviewed a few times. Levin had him on his show and Hannity interviewed him the other night. He seems to have good conservatives principles. But, with Stupak out, it may make it harder for him to win now that another dem will be running for the office. Although, my understanding his district leans to the conservative side. So I don't think someone in the ilk of a Pelosi can win.

Keri said...

He'll be given a job within the Obama administration or some Dem think tank bought for him by his vote.

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