Friday, April 2, 2010

Funniest Line of the Day - Madonna Edition

Madonna on her 13 year old daughter Lourdes fashion choices. 

“If anything, I wish she’d dress more conservatively,”
“How’s that for irony?”

on the irony scale of 1 to 10, I would say that is an 100


Opus #6 said...

So middle-aged and out-of-touch. LOL!

I give Madonna credit for dressing more appropriately nowadays. But it must be hard to hide her publicized past. That will make it difficult to set an example NOW for her daughter. I wish them all the best, really. Every young adult needs to find their own way. Lourdes did not grow up with much contact with her bio dad, I would assume. That will complicate matters immensely.

Just a conservative girl said...

My understanding is she has a very good relationship with her dad. I read an article or something saying she saw him often. What I have read about Madonna is that she is a very strict mom. She doesn't allow television, promotes reading and physical fitness. Go figure.

Opus #6 said...

JACG, I understand Madonna still adheres to Kabala, and has for quite some time. That is somehow related to Judaism, which teaches modesty in dress. I hope all is well with Lourdes. And even so, every kid will do *something* to rebel. Which is a normal stage of development. And par for the course at 13 if I recall correctly.

The good news is that if they were raised right, the rebels fall back into line quickly.

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