Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hope and Change - HHS and White House Were Aware of Actuary Report Before Healthcare Vote

Initially we were lead to believe that the actuary report of the true costs of the healthcare "reform" bill was not available until after the vote had taken place.  Well, not so fast.  The report was given to both the Health and Human Services Secretary and was passed onto to the White House.  Kathleen Sebelius received the report that gives the more accurate costs of the then legislation one week before the vote.  This report shows that 14 million people lose their current coverage, the costs will rise at a rate of $38.9 per year over the next ten years, and it will dump more people into the medicaid system. 

This is bad news on so many levels.  One being that finding a doctor that will take medicaid is difficult at best.  So while the "leadership" in this country were touting the amount of people who will now have access to healthcare knew that they were lying.  This bill does nothing but give people access to insurance; insurance that they will not be able to afford.  This will force millions of Americans to pay the fine instead of getting insurance.  There will be people who currently have insurance losing the coverage they have as they will no longer be able to afford it; paying the fine will be less expensive.  Another unintended consequence will be the already taxed emergency rooms will become more so as people will not be able to find a doctor who will accept their mediciad insurance. 

We can then move onto all the President's (wo)men who hid this information from the public and more than likely from some of the house members who voted on this bill.  While this is unlikely to be illegal, it certainly is unethical.  The President who ran on transparency and change is nothing more than a liar and a cheat.  The by hook or by crook way that this law was passed is a shining example of why the founders designed the system to move slowly.  When a law that is going to have an effect on every American the people of this country has the right to demand that it be done carefully and out in the open so everyone understands the implications of how our lives are going to be changed and what it is going to cost.

Where the heck is the media in reporting this?  This is a violation of the trust of the people who voted for this man.  This is not the hope and change that people were expecting, but sadly it is what the conservatives saw coming. 

read the report here.

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