Sunday, April 25, 2010

Buddy The Amazing Dog - Leads Police To Hurt Owner

Buddy's human was injured in some sort of explosion in his garage.  The man was able to get the door opened to let the dog out, and somehow the dog sensed that he needed help.  The policeman was not sure where he was going until he saw the dog.  If you look carefully, you will see the dog turn around to make sure the car was still following. 

Dogs are amazing.  As I have talked about previously I have problems with depression and my dog Tasha would come and put her paws on my shoulders when I was going through some difficult times. 


Lisa, An American Mom said...

Dogs are amazing. Our dog is incredibly intuitive. If I am upset and/or not feeling well he comes and sits right next to me. Sometimes he even paws at me to see if I am ok. If our son is crying, our dog sits right next to him so my son can pet him (he's almost 2) and comfort himself. LOVE dogs!

Sparky said...

This is such a cool story! I love dogs anyway but German Shepards are exceptionally loyal and smart. My husband had one when he was a teen. I do pray earnestly that Buddy's owner is OK.

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