Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hide the Decline II - Global Warming Parody

An organization called No Cap & Trade put out a parody video called Hide the Decline.  In the original video they used images of Michael Mann.  Mann is the inventor of the "Hockey Stick" graph that has since been found to use bogus data. 

Mr. Mann didn't take to kindly to his image being used in the video and has threatened a lawsuit for defamation.  He has no chance of winning the lawsuit as the video is very obviously a parody and the courts have held that parady cannot be defamation.  Although, I would love for him to file the lawsuit.  Putting him under oath would be a great thing for everyone.  We may actually get to the truth about global warming, because we certainly don't have it now.

The original video has been removed from you tube, but they did a second video and incorporated information about being sued.  Enjoy

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Individualist said...


Does Mikey even remember what the medeival warming period is?

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