Sunday, April 11, 2010

Could This Be Our Next President? - Mike Pence at SRLC

I saw Mike Pence give an amazing speech at CPAC.  While I was watching him speak all I could think it was a coming out speech for a run for the nomination in 12.  I don't feel all that differently with this one.  I will admit that I don't know a great deal about his voting record, but I do like watching him speak. 

12 is a long way off yet, but we need to get as many good candidates out there that we can.  I think him throwing his hat into the ring will make the candidates better.


LL said...

How can he ever be President? He's speaking without a teleprompter.

commoncents said...


I really like your blog!

Common Cents

ps. Would you care to exchange links?

Anonymous said...

Mike Pence is my first choice for President in 2012. His voting record is conservative and he's good media wise as well. Being from Indiana would be good in the midwest and rust belt and you know he would get the southern vote

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