Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Continued Delusion of Harry Reid

Harry Reid appeared On The Record last night.  At one point he said that his poll numbers are just fine:

They show former state GOP chairwoman Sue Lowden whacking Reid, 54 to 39; former state Assemblywoman Sharron Angle has boosted her lead and now beats Reid, 51 to 40, in a hypothetical race; while businessman Danny Tarkanian beats Reid, 49 to 42.

His disapproval levels in Nevada has increased 5% over the past month, and is now at 53%.  49% of Nevadans feel closer to the Tea Party Movement than to Congress.  President Obama has 58% disapproval rating although he won the state with 55%.  62% feel that incumbents losing will be a good thing for the country. 

During the latter part of the interview Harry then went into a discussion about the healthcare bill; saying that now that it has passed people are very happy with it.  Really?  62% of Nevadans back the repeal of the law. 

During the interview, he defends Ben Nelson's Cornhusker Kickback, then berates him for not sticking up for it.  In Harry's opinion, he should have been shouting it from the rooftops.  That is what he would have done. 

He was also asked if he was worried about the people scamming the healthcare system by purchasing insurance only when they get sick, and paying the fine the rest of the time.  Oh, no that won't happen.  Why would people do that?  After all it is not happening in MA under Romneycare

“These consumers come in and get their service, and then they leave because current regulations allow them to do it,’’ said Todd Bailey, vice president of underwriting at Fallon Community Health Plan, the state’s fourth-largest insurer. 

I almost feel sorry for him.  On second thought, not so much.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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Keri said...

I don't feel sorry for him. I hope he is kicked out of office. I hope most of the incumbents are....they are so out of touch with Americans. They don't care what WE want.

Z said...

The lefties seem to live in a delusional world......he thinks the country's Happy...we think they're GRUMPY! He's got the dwarfs mixed up! :-)

frankskore@yahoo.com said...

How much of a pain has harry caused the nuclear spent rods program in his state. The federal government has spent billions. Obama recently talked about expanding the nuclear fuel.. ..

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