Monday, April 19, 2010

Open Letter to President Clinton - Tea Partiers and Timothy McVeigh

Dear President Clinton:

I am writing to you in regards to the comments that you made about Timothy McVeigh and the tea party movement. The comment was as follows:

“were profoundly alienated, disconnected people who bought into this militant antigovernment line.”

Your premise couldn’t be more wrong. The tea party movement is not disconnected from the government; it is indeed the polar opposite. The “tea baggers” like the left likes to refer to them as, are very connected with the government. These are everyday people who are showing up at locations all across the country to read about the constitution and the federalist papers. We have formed book reading clubs on the founding fathers. We are reading up on economic principles. Why is this so scary to you and others?

We are people who are spending valuable time and our own treasure to educate ourselves as well as our neighbors. In this movement you will find people who have never done these types of things before. We are people who have never even thought about protesting in the past.

To compare us to what happened in Oklahoma City 15 years ago today just doesn’t match up to the historical record. While I understand that you are a politician to the core and as such you have a habit of rewriting history, but this is a stretch even for you. Timothy McVeigh’s problems with the government had to do the act of violence that your administration committed on the Waco compound. The ATF wildly over reacted to people who owned guns. In his sick and twisted mind he was paying back the government for the act that your administration committed. While he obviously had other issues, his main point of contention was Waco.

What is it that you and the left are so afraid of? Is it that we actually are reading the constitution? Or is it that conservatives are getting as organized as the left in this country? The reality remains that at the tea parties there has been no arrests. The violence that has been committed has been done by people on the left who have come to disrupt the lawful and peaceful assembly that we are afforded as American citizens.

We have done nothing more than to hold accountable the out of control government that is spending future generations into oblivion. Mr. President, you are about to watch your daughter embark into marital life. It is not a stretch to assume that children will one day be a part of that life. As such, do you think it is unreasonable for people to stand up and request that the government not put your future grandchildren into a debt that they cannot possibly payback? Ultimately, that is what we are fighting for. We want every child to have a chance of prosperity that you were afforded. You are now a wealthy man, what is so wrong with us wanting our families to be afforded the same opportunity that you were given? There are few, if any, other countries that a man that was brought up in near poverty and rise to the leader of the free world and have a very large bank account that you now have. You are a living example of what this country can provide if you are willing to work hard.

It is time that the left find a different narrative about the average person who is part of the tea party movement. Of course there are people that are upset about the fact that a black man is president, but that doesn’t mean that all should be painted with that insulting brush. We are people who are simply asking for our government to be brought under control and want to keep the liberties that our founders fought to give every generation of Americans. We will continue to protest, we will be showing up at the polls in November, that is how we will show our displeasure with the government. You and your friends that are not taking us seriously will have no choice but to take notice once Election Day comes rolling around.   We will make sure of that. 


Just A Conservative Girl


Sparky said...

Well put JACG. I took great offense that this snake in the grass who can't keep his pants zipped called us terrorists! That's what it amounted to, you know. I hope this letter is read by the right people and it goes around the globe.

Long Live The Republic!

Soloman said...

Just about one month ago Clinton had some very complimentary things to say about the Tea Party.

Of great significance is the location where these comments took place. The Center for American Progress is a filthy, dirty machine of anti-Americanism.

Someone inside that outfit had a conversation with ol' Slick Willie and suggested he get in lock step...

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