Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shame on you Mr. Cain - Shame on You.

Today, Herman Cain made a return visit to Fox News Sunday. During his interview with Chris Wallace Mr. Cain invoked a liberal talking point. Mr. Cain wrongly believes that Murfreesboro has the right to deny permits to build a Mosque.

Our Constitution guarantees separation of church and state
Oh, really Mr. Cain? Where in the Constitution does it say that? Mr. Cain am I safe to presume that you feel it is OK for the ACLU to continue its assault on Christmas celebrations? Because this is the exact same talking point that is used to stop Christmas trees being put up in town squares across the country. This is the same talking point that allows someone other than the student to decide what they say in their valedictorian speech. This is the same talking point that liberals have been using for close to century to deny the fact that the founding fathers wanted to create a country where ALL were allowed to worship openly, publicly, and how they so choose.

If I want the right to stand up and defend this right against the assaults to faith I see coming from the left, then I must, in good conscience, stand up against the very same assault that I see coming from the right. One of the great things about this country is that you are free to or free not to worship.

This statement is nothing more than fear; fear of radical Islam. Radical Islam is something to fear. Radical Islam does exist in this world. There is such a thing as creeping Sharia. But, for a potential presidential nominee to stand up and display this type of broadbrushing of an entire population of people in this country boggles the mind. This statement is basically saying that every Muslim in this country has been radicalized. This statement is wrong, ignorant, and just downright stupid. I know Muslims that came to this country to escape the extremism that they witnessed in their home countries. They came to this country to be free to worship as they chose to, not the way groups like the Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah were trying to tell them they had to worship. They are no more likely to strap a bomb on themselves in the name of Allah than I am.

The last thing we need is yet another president that doesn't understand what is in the Constitution or is willing to pervert it in order to justify a unconsitutional stance. We have had plenty of those and that is one of the reasons that we are in the mess that we are in.

Go here and read some accounts of a conservative who lives in that community. If we allow fear to change who we are as a country and as a people, the terrorists have won. I stand with the Constitution. I hope you will join me.


LibertyAtStake said...

Huh? My reading of his position is that he is against a "melding" of church and state. That's what Sharia is (melding of church and state). Completely different from allowing the culture to operate its religion itself, beyond the reach of the state. If Sharia wins, you lose and the Constitution loses. Get it?

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

Just a conservative girl said...

Sharia and the building of the mosque are different things. Building a mosque to worship is a constitutional right in this country.

The simple act of building a mosque doesn't mean we have sharia law in this country. The right to build a house of worship is fundmental.

So the next time the left uses the separation of Church and State is the in the Consitution, you should be ok with it.

John Scotus said...

I did not see the interview, but if what you report is correct, then Cain is certainly wrong. The Constitution protects religion from government interference. For this freedom to have any value, all religion must be protected, and not just Christianity or one particular denomination.
Sharia law is a kind of establishment of religion by the state or local community. This is unconstitutional as well. If the mosque starts trying to take over the community and dictate how it should be run, then there is a problem. However, Muslim's freely exercising their religion is not the same as sharia law.

Opus #6 said...

He seemed to hesitate in his words. I saw the interview. It seemed to me that Cain was trying to parrot a popular viewpoint with conservatives.

Although this is a tough topic. Especially because of the institutionalized lying that is part of islam. They are told to pretend to be peaceful until they become numerous and powerful enough to dominate the land that they are in, then all he!! breaks loose. This creates fear of mosques anywhere and everywhere because it is difficult, if not impossible, to tell the radicals from those who seek refuge from radicals in the early phase of societal infiltration.

And when the radicals take over, or should we perhaps say the TRUE followers of islam, because the Koran espouses radicalism, then the so-called moderate ones tend to hide out in fear for their lives, so they will offer no protection for society, but their presence, homes and mosques offer a framework for radical infiltration.

LibertyAtStake said...

@jcg said at 10:02 pm yesterday:

"Sharia and the building of the mosque are different things"

Not if Sharia is the objective of the people building the mosque. This is the insidious challenge facing the republic.

“Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

Just a conservative girl said...

Cain has proven himself to be one of those people who believe that Sharia is the goal of each and every Muslim in this country. That simply isn't true. Sharia is unconsitutional in this country, the same way that denying them a permit to build a house of worship based soley on religion is unconsititutional.

You say you don't want Sharia based on the unconsititutionality of it, but yet you willing to be use a unconsitutional stance in order to stop it. That is pure hypocrisy.

Read the posts from the guy who lives in that community. The people who are making this a big deal are mainly people who don't live there. People who believe like Cain that are hell bent on ridding this country of all Muslims based soley on assumptions. It doesn't matter to people like Cain if there is proof. To him they guilty by association. Not someone that has any business of being president of this country.

Kid said...

Go Michele Bachmann.

So, who stops the implementation of sharia once radical muslms in sheep's clothing get to critical mass like they are close to getting in England? 30 years by the Church of England's prediction

The moderate muslims that don't exist?

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