Monday, February 20, 2012

Teacher Suspended for Telling Disruptive Student to Return to Mexico

The headline sounds worse than it is.  This is a kid who isn't in a public school to system to learn, shown by his behavior.  He was told he get the forms in Spanish, all he had to do was go to the office.  He kept telling her he is Mexican.  So, if you are a Mexican, go back to Mexico.  It seems pretty simple to me.  This child was causing other students to have their learning time disrupted as well.  There was a time when children actually respected their teachers.  I guess that is just another relic of a time gone by.

H/T The Conservative Lady.

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Wrial Huden said...

I live in the DFW area and this is has been all over the local media.

This student's attitude is indicative of many (not all) within the Hispanic community. Their loyalties lie with their respective countries of origin and don't consider themselves at all American.

This situation is nothing more than an attempt to throw this teacher under the bus of political correctness. Really shabby treatment of a decorated teacher of more than 20 years. How she managed to stay in her profession this long is astonishing, considering the current educational climate. And school boards wonder why they have trouble attracting new teachers or even retaining current ones (I know of several now-former teachers who quit after several years in the field!).

Quite Rightly said...

Now that's an argument for not providing U.S. gov't forms in foreign languages.

If the student knows enough English to harass the teacher, then he certainly knows enough English to fill out an English-language form.

The student should be disciplined, not the teacher. And, while the authorities are at it, they should find out whether this Mexican and his family are in the country with current valid visas.

The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for the h/t.

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