Monday, February 27, 2012

Quote of the Day - Randi Rhodes Edition Part 2

Oh my God, what a waste of an education Rick Santorum is! Everything he currently knows he could have learned from a pamphlet that religious institutions give out at the door of a bus station! So now you know why he home-schooled all of his kids. Let's just pray that none of his homeschooled kids grow up to be an airline pilot, okay?

That's all I'm asking. Please dear God, do not let any of these homeschooled kids grow up to be a surgeon, an airline pilot, or a nurse. Or somebody that's in charge of my trans-vaginal mandatory ultrasound. Seriously, no science-y things for them, you know, just religion, let them be all preachers or something.
Now Karen Santorum, who is homeschooling her seven children, has a degree in nursing and law.  Boy she must be an idiot.   Their eldest daughter is currently attending college in Texas.  

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