Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Little Black History Lesson From Congressman Allen West

In case you have not seen this, it is well worth the listen.  Tell it to your liberals friends.  They have completely rewritten history on this topic, heaven forbid they admit to the racism that was part and parcel with the democratic party for more than a century. 

The next time a liberal tries to tell you that dems (if they are willing to even admit this one) who were the racists became republicans, just remind them there is only one documented case of a racist democrat becoming republican.  That man was Strom Thurmond, who by the end of his life had turned his back on his racist past.  Also remind them when the south became mostly republican was also the time that the culture wars in this country started.  The era of free love, sex without consquences, women's lib, and all the other assualts on conservative values became the norm.  The conservative dems finally woke and realized that the democratic party had left them behind. 

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