Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another Big Win for Romney

I was on twitter last night after the news broke that Romney did indeed win the Nevada Caucus.  The polls had been showing he would not only win, but win big.  I had said that wasn't necessarily going to be the case since 08 was the first time they ever had a caucus and the turnout was very low. 

Romney won pretty much every important demographic in the exit polling.  He even won the Catholic vote over two Catholic candidates.  The one important demographic he lost was independents, which mainly broke for Ron Paul. 

Romney's speech got rave reviews on Twitter last night, even by those who are lets say,  not exactly fans of his. 
Ann Romney also seems to be a big hit with people who are not happy with Romney. Maybe we should nominate her instead? She is a very classy lady. She is FLOTUS material, that is for sure.


LL said...

I know that Romney isn't your favorite, and I understand why that is. However, he's going to be the next Republican candidate for President and we need to remove Barack Obama.

Just a conservative girl said...

Why is he going to be the nominee? Seriously we have spent the past three years screaming about healthcare and how it being geared towards socialized medicine. We then turn around and nominate a very wealthy man who has no job for the past six years while he was running gearing up for the nomination. Who wrote the blueprint for the healthcare law that we so depise.

What kind of sense does that make?

Romney as GOP nominee = a second term for Obama.

He didn't pull the independents in Nevada last night. If he can't win those in big numbers we have our worse nightmare.

LL said...

I'm not a Romney fan. I simply think that he will take the Republican nomination. And yes, he's a RINO.

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