Monday, February 27, 2012

An Oscar Dress to Make PETA Proud

Last night was the Oscars.  While I didn't watch, I do enjoy looking through the photos of what the stars were wearing.  I didn't find any that were really horrible.  Most were fine.  Some better than others.  I think I would have to say that this is my least favorite:
Her name is Kristine Wiig and I have no idea who she is.  But I would recommend finding another stylist since this color did nothing for you.  Nothing.
I would have to say that I agree with Jill that Penelope Cruz looked beautiful.
But the one that really caught my attention was this one worn by Missi Pyle.  Not because of what it looks like, but because her Delfino gown was made from "cruelty free silkworms".    Now, I looked this up and I don't see how it can be so since the silkworm must be killed in order to get the threads from its cocoon.  It is breaks out of the cocoon the threads are then damaged and not useable to produce the silk, so it sounds like she is just another dimwitted star trying to make some sort of statement on how enlightened she is only to prove herself an idiot.


Anonymous said...

Do you think maybe they found a way to kill the silkworms without being cruel? Perhaps the worms agree ahead of time to make the sacrifice.

Rational Nation USA said...

My favorite? J-Lo!

Just a conservative girl said...

Too tight. But I guess that is why you liked it.

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