Tuesday, February 28, 2012

About that Claim of Going Broke at Georgetown - Updated

So we have this young woman, Sandra Fluke, lying testifying in front of a congressional hearing about the high costs of birth control; students are going broke.  One would think that someone that is smart enough to get into Georgetown law would be able to do what I did in less than a minute.  I googled the locations of Planned Parenthood that are close to the campus. Guess what?  There are four different locations less than 10 miles from campus.  

Oh and you know what else, Target sells generic brand birth control pills for $9 per month.  Let's see that is $108 per year if my math is correct; 9 x 12 yeah that equals 108.  I have no idea what PP charges for birth control but I can't imagine it is much different than Target.  I bet the average Hoya spends more than that on coffee every year.  

Since I live in the greater DC area I can tell you that they have a very aggressive free condom program here.  The reason being that Washington, DC has one of the highest rates of AIDS/HIV infection in the nation.  (Maybe having a lot of sex with local people may not be a good idea, just a thought). The website that tells you how and where you can get your free condoms is in seven different languages, too.  

Isn't it illegal to testify falsely in front of Congress?  I think that is called perjury, but what do I know?   I am not in Georgetown Law School.  Where do the dems find these people who are willing to lie so patently and openly? 

I was talking to a friend last night who is an attorney and a Georgetown grad last night to get his opinion on this.  He told me that main bone of contention was not the costs of birth control but due to the fact that they are a Jesuit school, birth control is not available on campus; even by third party vendors.  The students are none too pleased that they have to take the three block journey to CVS to get their needs attended to.  I guess buying in bulk doesn't occur to them.  

I have to say the funniest comment on saw on this has to be this one: 

If I must subsidize entertainment for these college girls' vaginas, then I demand somebody subsidize Disneyland tickets for me.
Linked at Pundit and Pundette.  Thanks, Jill.  


CaroleJ said...

.... or just stop having sex ....

Deekaman said...

Please pardon my crudeness here. What she should have said is this:

"Look...I like to f**k. I like it a lot. In fact, I'd do any one of you guys here on the panel. See, I'm a slut, so I need LOTS of birth control because, well....I like to f**k. I have no shortage of dates because I do f**k, but I know they really respect me because they're Lefty guys. You know, they're not just coming to me because they know they're going to get laid. Really. So pay for my stuff so I can continue to f**k without consequence".

Sorry for the crudeness, but this stuff really hacks me off.

Quite Rightly said...

I think she was confusing her contraception bill with her Starbucks spending: one cup of $3.50 coffee per day for 300 days per year for 3 years = $3,150.00.

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