Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March 23 Lunchtime Rally to Preserve Religious Freedoms

I am not Catholic, but I understand fully what Catholic Charities do in this country.  Catholic Charities across the United States will be forced to close their doors in order to protect their first amendment rights to the Freedom of Religion.  

This administration is waging a war against our beliefs and wants to make us a more secular country.  

Stand up and say Hell No, I Won't Go.  We are being dragged to a place that our society does not want to go to.  

Find a location near you.  If there isn't one, organize one.  Go to your congressman's office if no federal buildings are near by.  Doesn't matter if they support this mandate or not.  If they are not fighting to get it reversed they are not doing enough.  

Visuals matter and this president needs to see that we will not stand by and watch him take our right to worship and the Church's right to their conscience and their doctrine.

This isn't about birth control, this about our constitutional right to worship and the government not interfering with it.  Only the willfully blind don't see the difference.  No one is taking access to birth control, this about forcing a religious body to pay for something that goes against what they firmly believe in.  You want birth control paid for by insurance, don't work for a religious institution.  It is that simple.  

If you don't stand up now, it may be too late.  

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