Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sarah Palin Rocks CPAC

Sarah Palin's long awaited appearance at CPAC finally took place last night.  I had the privilege to see it in person.  The atmosphere was completely electric.  The speech was red meat to the base and exactly what we were hoping to hear.  Her zingers were great and she showed how she can work on her feet.  The occupiers bought a few tickets and tried to disrupt the speech, but the crowd took care of that.  In case you have not heard, that was the reason that the chants of USA started.  She kept moving as the security took care of the occupiers. 


She did take the time to meet with some of the attendees who were lucky enough to get close to her.  I was walking by and saw this huge crowd and flashes going off.  I was on my way to lunch, but by that point she was mobbed by the people, that we just kept walking and went and got our crawfish.  My friend Marta was able to shake her hand.  My buddy Phil was able to get a birdseye view of the occupiers.  He was trying to give them a Newt sticker earlier in the day. 

The occupiers came and failed.  We had a great conference. 

1 comment:

The Conservative Lady said...

What an inspiring speech! She sure had them eating out of her hand.

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