Sunday, February 26, 2012

Book Review - Never Allow a Crisis Go To Waste - Bart DePalma

I was contacted by the author, Bart DePalma, and asked to be part of a virtual book tour.  Since I love to read, I said sure no problem.  

Never Allow a Crisis to Go to Waste.  Barack Obama and The Evolution of American Socialism is an in depth look at the tactics that President Obama has used to drive this country closer and closer to socialism.  But he does more than that.  He shows in detail the origins of where the ideas for these policies came from; Gorz, Alinsky, Dreier, and Cloward & Piven to name just a few.  

Much of what is in the book will be familiar to those who are paying attention; the bailouts of GM and Chrysler, forcing banks to take TARP money, green energy jobs and more.  But there is more detail on how exactly these things were accomplished.  He goes back to describe the well-meaning legislation passed by President Carter, The Community Re-investment Act.  While this piece of legislation was originally supposed to help people who were credit worthy obtain a home in neighborhoods that banks didn't want to invest in due to crime and poverty rates, it quickly went out of control and led to the deep recession we find ourselves in today.  He details how every president since Carter used this act to increase the level of home ownership.  It also details how  far left wealth redistribution devotees such as ACORN used this to give mortgages to people who never would have qualified and were at very high risk of foreclosure.  

He also goes into some detail regarding how some of President Bush's policies opened the door to Obama pushing his will onto the car companies and to the banks.  A truth that as a party and as a society we need to own up to.  Luckily for all of us, the banks pushed back, while the car companies just submitted to the overpowering control of the government.  

It gives a glimpse into the rise of The Tea Party and the underhanded and illegal means that were used to pass Obamacare.  The story of the effect of the Tea Party has yet to be known.  But the good news is how it did slow down the march towards socialism that President Obama believes in down to his core.  

I found this book to be very interesting and insightful.  A very good tool to use to show to those who are still drinking the President Obama Kool-Aid.  I also just finished reading Ameritopia by Mark Levin and found this to be a good companion for the information that Levin brings out about the history of statism across the ages; how it has failed and exactly what it would take to have the "vision" of their Utopia; Tyranny.  

The book is available on Amazon $11.99 in the paperback version, and for $3.99 for the kindle version.  It is something that I think you find yourself referring back to time and again.   Feel free to purchase through my  Amazon store by hitting the link on the right.  


Mark Pressley said...

The man stood on national television and told Joe the Plumber "he wanted to spread the wealth."

I knew at that moment all I needed to know yet this country is surprised at how he has led us.

Everyone was so excited about the package that they never listened to the message.

Bad men will always tell you their plans.

Bart DePalma said...


Bad men will always tell you their plans.

Indeed. In my book, I extensively quoted from Mr. Obama's speeches and interviews to note how he laid many of his policies out for us if we only listened.

Incredibly, one of Obama's favorite rhetorical devices was to lay out his plans to direct a part of the economy and then in the next breath deny that was his intent.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

This is the time to start putting quotes and reminders right at our fingertips. Sounds like this book would be handy. The CRA is the single greatest cause of our economic downfall. With all we know of it, it still lives and breathes. Democrats are still at it. It is a pariah.

Mark Pressley said...

Bart, Thank you it sounds as if we are on the same page I will run down your book!

I wonder why the GOP can not just stick to the simple facts Obama never lied he told everyone his plans to raise energy prices looks like he made it. The country was longing for change so bad that as soon as he used the buzz word change they were all in and no one heard the change he was speaking of.

The GOP needs to hammer this home he said it and he's doing it..So we must repair it.

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