Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shame on you Clint Eastwood - Halftime in America Chrysler Commercial

I cannot believe that Clint Eastwood did this ad.  Halftime in America huh?  I suppose he thinks the bailouts that benefited the unions more than anyone else were a good thing.  I guess the fact that Chrysler isn't an American company anymore is just some pesky little detail. 


Deekaman said...

Been round and round over this on FB. Best comment I read was something to the effect of, "our problems are just a 'misunderstanding'? No, I understand all too well."

The government forcing a deal that stiffs bondholders and turns a company over to the unions is no "misunderstanding".

OTOH, Eastwood has become old and addled.

Anonymous said...

There is no fool like an old fool! I used to like Clint alot, now I think he just needs a big diaper change.

Sry Clint, you fail

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