Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some Musings from the Pro Abortion Left

A friend of mine sent me this website.  It is disgusting.  There are not words for exactly how disgusting it is.  It never really occurred to me that people would blog about having and giving abortions, but they do.  Do they ever.  

One abortion doctor is telling women how to raise money to have their abortion.  #3 is especially interesting.  

1) Yard Sale
2) Bake Sale
3) Church collection
4) Student loans
5) Tax returns
6) Borrowing small amounts of money from multiple people (like $25 from four people = $100)
7) Selling rims from a car
8) Selling stuff off Craigslist
9) Braiding hair/hairstyling (utilizing a talent to earn extra money on the side)
10) Cleaning houses
The doctor really liked the keg party idea.  He has decided to pass that one on.  Hey, why not liquor the kid up before you kill them?  

The post on guilt is a must read too.  
There's a lot of stigma, and thus guilt, associated with multiple abortions. When you talk to a woman who is having her second, third, fourth abortion, you will often hear shame in her voice. Why do we shame these women? They are already going through an emotionally difficult time in their lives. Why do we think it's our place to place judgement on them and make them feel like bad people? And what really pisses me off, is that this doesn't just come from antis. I have heard this shaming come from people who describe themselves as pro-choice.
I thought the left said that abortion isn't used as a form of birth control?  It is supposed to safe and rare right?  Sorry, but if you are getting four abortions you should feel shame.  You also need to go to remedial counselling on the use of birth control.  Or better yet, learn how to control your urges.  

Every person needs to read these websites to see how radical these pro abortion people can be.  No matter how many abortions you have, you are not supposed to feel any shame or remorse.  Disgusting.  Simply disgusting.  


Teresa said...

Yep. Disgusting.

Matt said...

Agreed. Good point, especially in that abortion is almost always used as birth control.

RightKlik said...

I can pity some of the girls who go for an abortion, but abortion providers are vile misanthropes.

CaroleJ said...

This is disgusting. The main point that they ALL leave out is that these women DO have a choice. Their choice begins with the taking off of their panties to have sex in the FIRST PLACE!

She made her choice to have sex (with or without protection), NOW DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES. Unfortunately, for the innocent baby in her womb, she will AGAIN make the WRONG CHOICE.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

The website shows how determined these people are. This is what Planned Parenthood is all about...and of course, making money as well.

Pathetic souls. God keep our children from them, please.

Steven Givler said...

I'm so grateful that my daughter's birth mother let her live.

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