Friday, July 2, 2010

Ten Bucks Friday - And the Winner Is

Anna Little from the New Jersey 6th. She ran away with the vote. She asked her supporters to join in on the fun of Ten Bucks Friday. For those who have yet to join in, Ten Bucks Fridays is a way to help out conservative candidates with much needed funds. Every Sunday a new poll will come out, and on Fridays we ask that you send the candidate $10 (or whatever you can afford) to the winning candidate. Every bit of money helps.

Back to Anna Little, she is running against Frank Pallone, Jr. Pallone is currently serving his 11th term in Congress. He is the chair of the sub committee on health care. Hmm, Obamacare was written, in part, in this committee.  He is going to be very well funded by the Democratic party. 

Did you know that Anna can speak three languages fluently and can carry on conversations in two others? She is mom of three, the current Mayor of Borough of Highlands, and she is a immigration attorney.  With those issues being brought to the front burner yet again, her knowledge will be a very valuable asset.  She is also tea party approved.  Sounds good to me!!!

You can donate to Anna here.  Don't forget to notate that you are donating for Ten Bucks Friday. 

Check back on Sunday to see the new poll.  If you have another name you would like to add to the poll, go to Right Klik and leave him a comment. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks JACG. We here in NJ6 are gonna do our part to rid the Country of Frank Pallone, the self-proclaimed author of Pallonecare and cap-and-trade. With the help of the Right Ether and things like TBF, we are damn well gonna get it done too.

Just a conservative girl said...

I don't know much about Frank Pallone, but he seems to be very well entrenched in the liberal machine. Let's hope that your district voters will see how Christie is getting things done and realize that voting for a republican can be a good thing!!

Thanks for stopping by.

RightKlik said...

5 languages? Wow. I did not know that.


Please encourage friends, family, readers, and fellow tweeters donate generously this 4th of July weekend. The Anna Little campaign will be providing feedback on total donations received under the TBF banner, so let’s show them what we can do!

And don’t forget to put “Ten Buck Fridays” in the field where it asks for your occupation… That’s how they know who we are!

Now watch this video:

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