Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are Dems Running Away From Obamanomics?

It certainly appears at least this one is:


LL said...

It's interesting primarily because the comments in her ad are censored. I popped onto YouTube and asked where her abiding love for barack hussein obama and his programs had gone?

Want to bet she doesn't approve of my comment?

Opus #6 said...

If they are running away it is with one hand on the voting lever to approve his programs. They just passed the Economy Destroying Bill by 60 votes today. How many of those you think are Dems. Obama can seize any company he wants at any time. Gosh darned GREAT!

Just a conservative girl said...

I agree. I am pretty liberation about many things, but I do think that some regulation is needed. The problem is that what they passed will in no way help the problems that we have. It does nothing to Frannie and Freddie which were a HUGE part of why we are now in this mess. Also, why in heavens name is there racial quotas in a financial reform bill? Another far left wet dream.

Matt said...

It would seem that the rats are attempting to leave the sinking ship.

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