Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fact Checking Howard Dean

On Sunday Howard Dean made a statement that Fox News' coverage of the Shirley Sherrod Story was racist, although the facts just don't back up his statements.  Even after being corrected, he goes out the next day and continues his falsehoods. 

The racist card is losing steam as more and more liberals speak up and prove the point that victim card is way overused by the left.  Even The New York Times has now admitted that there is no proof that a tea party member used the N word at the obamacare protest in March.  Shirley Sherrod and her husband have proven themselves to continue to look at themselves as victims instead of people living in a country where if you work hard you have the same chances as everyone else.  The reality remains if we were such a racist country either John McCain or Hillary Clinton would be president right now.  The left needs to accept that and move on.  The racist card is no longer going to work.  We have seen the game that they are playing and we refuse to go along.

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