Friday, July 23, 2010

The Days of Quotas Should End

Normally, I don't find myself agreeing with Senator Jim Webb all that often.  There are some exceptions.  He is retired military, so he is a strong supporter of our troops.  That is something that is near and dear to my heart, as it is with most conservatives.  Webb also served in the Reagan administration, before officially becoming a democrat. 

Today, Webb penned a op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal about diversity and the myth of the white privilege.  The piece seems to be very well researched. 

Generations of such deficiencies do not disappear overnight, and they affect the momentum of a culture. In 1974, a National Opinion Research Center (NORC) study of white ethnic groups showed that white Baptists nationwide averaged only 10.7 years of education, a level almost identical to blacks' average of 10.6 years, and well below that of most other white groups. A recent NORC Social Survey of white adults born after World War II showed that in the years 1980-2000, only 18.4% of white Baptists and 21.8% of Irish Protestants—the principal ethnic group that settled the South—had obtained college degrees, compared to a national average of 30.1%, a Jewish average of 73.3%, and an average among those of Chinese and Indian descent of 61.9%.

It is time that many in this country face the facts that people of color and all ethnic backgrounds have made great strides and have virtually the same opportunities as everyone else.  The real disparities lie within the economic levels.  The poor are the ones that tend to get left behind.  If you happen to be white and poor your life is not going to be much easier than if you happen to be someone of color. The one question I would have of Sen. Webb, if you believe this, why then did you vote yea for the financial reform bill that put yet more quotas into existence? 

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