Friday, July 16, 2010

Ten Bucks Friday - And the Winner Is

Van Irion won with slightly under 43% of the vote.  His vision of America:

I envision an America where individuals are able to determine their own destiny without the shackles of overgrown government and oppressive taxes.

I envision an America where the people look to themselves, family, friends and neighbors to solve problems, not a bureaucratic and bloated government.

I envision an America where greatness is celebrated, not punished. I envision an America where we encourage each other to seek excellence in all our endeavors; where we understand that success for one is success for us all.
He attended the 9/12 march in Washington DC, he is a dad of two young girls, a husband, a volunteer fireman, a constitutional attorney, he has a degree in Biochemistry, and was a small business owner that researched treatments for stroke victims.  He has a record of public service and understands how to make a payroll and create jobs. 

Please give as much as you can to his campaign.  Be sure to mark your donations as Ten Bucks Friday. 

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