Saturday, July 10, 2010

Go West - Allen West on the New Black Panther Party and the DOJ

Seriously, I just love this man.  He was interviewed today on the Hannity radio show in regards to an interview that he gave to The Hill.  In this interview he talks about how Obama is exploiting race and his disappointment in the lack of the prosecution of The New Black Panther Party. 

The thing that is being missed in all of this is the FACT that had it been a white man wearing a sheet in front of that polling station the charges would not have been dropped.  Nor should they be.  Racism is racism is racism.  If we are to reach the dream of Dr. King, it cannot matter what color the person is who is doing the discrimination.  But the liberal mantra is that only whites can be racist.  NBPP proves that is simply not the case.  Lets hope that LTC West gets into office and helps move this country towards a more colorblind society. 


The War Planner said...

"Seriously, I just love this man.."

Seriously, Madame, I do as well. For me, it's a case of terminal man-crush. And, all kidding aside, when we are called Tea Baggers and racists, one only need bring up the many wonderful conservative black Americans in our midst who advocate for rsponsible, accountable government *and* the same from its citizens.

As a tangential side note, being a former USAF officer, I always admired Lieutenant Colonels much more than I did "full" Colonels and Generals. This is the last grade one can hold and be directly responsible for -- and have direct contact with -- the men and women under their command. O-6 and up is almost exclusively politics, although there are good officers there as well.

But guys at the O-5 level are fathers, family men, put their 20-25 in, and are looking to do the same service in other areas ~~ like LtCol West and LtCol (Senator) Brown, etc.

The Conservative Lady said...

LTC Allen is an excellent candidate. Everything he said about this issue is correct.
There is no justice in the Justice Department anymore. It's headed by a radical (Eric Holder), who is just another Obama flunky determined to destroy America as we've known it.

Anonymous said...

West has to scare guys like Holder to death.

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