Monday, July 19, 2010

The Continued Hypocrisy of the NAACP

It is abundantly clear that the NAACP has long outlived it usefulness.  Shirley Sherrod, an employee of the USDA bases her decisions on who will get farmer loans based on color.  First, she is a government employee, so her admitting this is totally unacceptable.  Second, she is giving this speech at a meeting for the NAACP.  If any person in this country is treated differently based on skin color, it is an affront to us all.  We cannot move forward as a society until we let go of all the bull that surrounds race. 

Does she have a point that many black farmers are losing their land?  Maybe.  I am very much against farmer subsidies, because they are mainly going to large corporate farmers as opposed to small family farmers.  How much of that is based on skin color is not something that I know that much about, except for the fact that she just admitted that she does that.  She has resigned her position as of today.  She should not have been allowed to resign, she should have been fired for cause.  She is government employee, will she be able to keep her benefits? 

What is the most disturbing part of this video, is the fact that if you listen carefully, you can hear people agreeing. 

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