Friday, July 9, 2010

Ten Bucks Friday - And the Winner Is

Dr. Eric Wartzog with a whopping 54% of the vote.  Eric is running for the senate in Maryland against Barbara Mikulski. 

There has been some controversy with this candidate.  While at CPAC he was interviewed and talked about the birther issue. 

Now, I am not a birther and personally I feel that the reason he doesn't release his birth certificate because it allows him and others to paint the right as wingnuts.  I also believe that someone who is openly a birther has no chance of winning a state election; especially in a blue state like Maryland. 

You can decide for yourselves if you want to contribute to his campaign on behalf of Ten Bucks Friday, but I will not be. 

If you would like to contribute go here and please remember to mark your donation as Ten Bucks Friday. 


Moshe Starkman said...

Thank you for posting the results. :)

I'm encouraging people to watch Eric's speech to Queen Anne's folks a few months ago in regards to property and income taxes.

But in regards to the birther issue, do you really think that he's holding back to paint us as wingnuts? What about his records at Columbia? Personally, I don't really care whether he was born in the US or not, it's an inconsequential issue. But I do find it curious that Obama's history is so shady.

Great blog, rock on!!


Just a conservative girl said...

Oh, I agree that his college records should be released.

I find it odd that you say him being born in the United States is inconsequential. It is unconstitutional for someone not born here to be President.

There are many things that make the doctor a good candidate, but as I said the birther thing is a non starter for me. If he wins the nomination it is another six years of a bad senator that has bad policies. Not a good outcome.

And yes, I do think that they use the wingnut card on birthers.

Michelle said...

Now come on, don’t drink the cool aid ;)
There is No minor controversy. Wargotz is no birther. In fact,he rejected that notion AND it appears the video has been edited before placed on youtube. He refuted that label and clarified that in mainstream press in Maryland. You can find it in his press room at his website I always do my own research before jumping to conclusions. Wargotz never said that obama wasn’t a US citizen. I live in Maryland and I can tell you that that Stark video statement on birth place was very smart. Why? Because when he wins the primary, if Miluski brings it up then mainstream press will be all over him and he gets great mainstream attention and name recog. and an opportunity to dispel, etc. He is a VERY smart man and deserves all of our support and dollars. Don’t sell him short. Thanks.Thank you for the consideration of this fine man.

Just a conservative girl said...

he flat out says I don't believe that Obama was born in the United States. I agree that this interviewer was looking to trap him into saying something stupid, but he did say it. There is no way around that.

You want to support him, than go for it. But don't dismiss this as a non issue. To some people it is an issue, I happen to be one of them.

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