Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Michele Bachmann Ahead in Polls

Congresswoman Bachman is one of the biggest targets of the democrats this season.  So, to see that she is ahead is very good news indeed. 

In MN-06, High-Profile Michele Bachmann Narrowly Atop DFL Challenger, 4 Months To Election: In an election for United States Representative from Minnesota's 6th Congressional District today, 07/12/10, men and younger voters re-elect incumbent Republican Michele Bachmann to a 3rd term, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for KSTP-TV in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Bachmann and DFL State Senator Tarryl Clark are tied among voters age 50+. But when voters of all ages are combined, including the youngest voters, Bachmann leads 48% to 39%. There is a striking 33-point Gender Gap. Bachmann, a woman, leads by 25 points among male likely voters. Clark, a woman, leads by 8 points among female likely voters. Of those who support the Tea Party movement, 86% back Bachmann. Of those who oppose the Tea Party movement, 82% back Clark.

Entire poll data here


Matt said...

That is good news. Those numbers are pretty telling. They show how polarized we are, and that folks need to work extra hard to make sure she can overcome the voter fraud that will be coming her way in November.

Irini Romanides said...

In spite of filthy minds on the opposition, we pray that Michele will overcome any dirt thrown her way! In fact, BECAUSE of the filth, we know exactly who wants her out of Congress. It's not going to happen if we conservatives will get out and vote with our wallets.

Anonymous said...

I hear God Himself donated $5,000 to Bachmann.

Anonymous said...

As someone who is new to Minnesota I have to tell friends and family across the country (including many Republicans) that the fact that Bachmann was elected here at all in living proof that Minnesota's long-term reputation as being a leader in education is now in peril. People across the country--including MANY Republicans are amazed that someone with so little intellect and is such an embarrasement can be from Minnesota--Mississippi, Alabama yes but Minnesota? It is obviously too late for adults in the 6th district (I too wonder why the 25 point difference among men and question which head they are using)but maybe the next generation will actually use intellect and good old fashion common sense.

Anonymous said...

You words were point out to me by a 12 year old doing a class project. I wouldn't be so proud of yourself, if you can't repeat your venom in a classroom. let's be a little civil.

Just a conservative girl said...

I apologize for that awful comment, I didn't notice it until today.

It has been deleted.

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