Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pat Riley; The Real Winner Tonight

Lebron James made his decision tonight to leave the Cleveland Clavs and go to the Miami Heat.  I being from CT am a Knicks fan; so for me I am very disappointed that he didn't choose to play on the biggest stage in the NBA. 

I really admire what Lebron, Chris Bosh and D Wade did this week; they put money as a secondary consideration to accomplish the utlimate goal of winning a championship.  Pat Riley did an amazing job selling the team and opening up the money under the salary cap to allow all three players to sign.  Now, I can't possibly root for this team being a Knicks fan, but it will be fun to watch next season. 

Cav Fans obviously disagree with my assessment that Lebron made a decision based on what was best for his career, his future, and his family:

Now, I am a huge sports fan, but this is way over the top.  Also, since one of the Cavs was rolling around in bed with Lebron's mother, it may be best that he left it behind and continue his career in another city.  I really love the guy saying that the Cavs would win a championship without Lebron.  Good luck with that fantasy.

I find it very sad that people are not heralding the fact that it wasn't all about money for three of the top players in the NBA.  But, I guess that is just me. 

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