Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pictures Really Do Speak Volumes - Do You Think This Will Make The NY Times?

I know that it may seem odd that I have mentioned how clean the Capitol was left on each blog post about the march.

You need to remember that I live here, so I know what happens after these protests.

These are immediately following the 9/12 March and immediately following the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

I personally believe this speaks volumes.

Pictures from sweetness and light


Soloman said...

Wow. Just wow.

LL said...

It does speak volumes to the character of the two groups. On one hand, entitled liberals "jumping up and down on the Lincoln bed" and on the other, responsible people - the backbone of America.

Opus #6 said...

Methinks one group shows love of country in a palpable way. That's why I love CONSERVATIVES!!!!

Charmaine @ randalswife said...

Amen Soloman. "Wow. Just wow."

Anonymous said...

I too took pictures of how clean it was when we left as it was clear that we took out what we brought in. I think the differnce is personal responsibility versus a feeling of entitlement that someone else is supposed to take of the mess.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Tom Anderson said...

Will the contrasting photographs be shown in the New York Times? I doubt it, but then, who cares? One no longer reads the Times for facts. It damaged its role as the "newspaper of record" many years ago, and its desperate financial condition reflects this perceived loss of value.

Could the contrast between how people behave when they respect the rights of others and how they behave when they do not, be any more stark than this?

The photographs recall to mind another stark contrast that captured the world's imagination in the 1960s, photographs and film that showed West Berlin, a capitalist city, and East Berlin, a socialist city.

Berlin became the symbol of two rival political and economic systems, and the propaganda gift the Soviets gave the capitalist West can not be over-estimated, a stunning visual image that demonstrated, as only visual metaphor can, the difference between freedom and slavery.

Today, of course, we witness similar contrasts as our beloved country slides ever deeper into the morass of collectivism and forced self-sacrifice.

This slide did not begin with Barack Obama and his puppets in the current Congress. George W. Bush clearly greased the skids for our most immediate descent. Yet who really cares at this point when we see, for example, photographs of our very own third-world metropolis, Detroit, Michigan?

The depopulation of the once great "Motor City" did not result through some temporary population shift, but rather from decades of
anti-capitalist governance that stressed self-sacrifice for the common good, the very things about which Obama can literally wax poetic, and his administration works to engineer behind the scenes by promoting such immoralities as "national service," i.e. conscription with a happy face.

It's the philosophy, stupid.

Matters not a whit whether a John McCain or a Barack Obama wins an election if both sides in the debate agree on the fundamentals, and it's the fundamentals the Tea Party Movement may alter, radically, for the better. That is the promise of our present slog, if pictures say a thousand words, as they do in this instance.

Thank you for posting them.

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