Monday, September 28, 2009

Glen Beck and the Concerns of the Moms of America

On Friday, Glen Beck did a show on the concerns of the Tea-partying moms and the women who have joined the 9/12 project. One of the points of the show was for America to see that we are just not nuts who are opposing Obama for the simple sake of opposition. While I agree some of that does go on, most of the people showing up at the townhalls and tea parties around the country are just average Americans who are afraid of where this country is heading; and wondering what kind of country we are passing on to our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. We are also woman who have other things to do, but are feeling so insecure that we are getting involved for the first time in our lives.

We are concerned that the education being provided to our children in our public schools have an agenda that involves more than the three R's. We are concerned that some in our government are pushing us towards a global currency that will affect our way of life. We are concerned that the government has become more powerful than the founders ever intended. We are concerned that this government is spending our children into a debt that they will not recover from.

A fellow blogger, Mary Baker, was lucky enough to be among one of the featured guests on this particular show. You can read her post here.


LL said...

When Dear Leader saddles the next generation with an insurmountable debt, we will be dubbed the "loser generation" and what's worse, we'll deserve the title.

Nicole said...

My husband and I actually just bought two of his books. He is now reading "Arguing With Idiots" and I'm reading "An Inconvenient Book". Love them, love Glenn Beck.

Mary Baker said...

Thank you so much, Just an Conservative Girl. It was so kind of you to encourage others to read my article. There are 9/12 groups all accross America and I will actually be starting one in my own community. Thank you so much.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

That's very good, well put and so true. I, too, have become actively involved more so than ever because of the Dear Leader. [ick] I wish that Fox News hadn't interrupted Glenn Beck's program with that fool's speech. I missed all the good comments. (Yeah, I did e-mail Fox and complain. There's no call for interrupting a show like that).

BTW, we need more Tea Parties or something. We must keep at this. Any ideas? :)

Just a conservative girl said...

There is a tea party scheduled for October for the media. I posted it below. I will post again when the date gets closer. I will keep everyone informed on all the dates that I am aware of.

Rational Nation USA said...

This country has been headed in the wrong direction for some time. Our unqualified PRESIDENT certainly carries some responsibility for this.

However, it takes the Congress to support him and his spending binge as they are the ones controlling the purse strings.

Come to think of it President Bush never met a spending bill he didn't like either.

I guess when you have a spendthrift congress and socialist/statist executives you end up just about were we are right now.

Hopefully we can change the direction in 2010 and 2012. What will be required is a complete dusting and cleaning of Congress and the executive branch.

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