Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things that make you say hmm

President Carter's book Peace Not Apartheid is recommended reading of Usama bin Laden.

Speaking of Mr. Carter, in an interview with NBC Nightly News he says:
"...the overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity is based on the fact that he is a black man, an African American..." That must be it. One of the people I trust most in the world is black; ssh don't tell him that I don't like him.

David Axelrod and company seem to be toning down the language used to describe the protesters; we are just wrong. This is step up I guess. We are no longer angry mobsters or terrorists, we are just misguided. Thanks for clearing that up.

Hey, I agree with President on something: Kanye West is an ass.

I was at fundraiser tonight. A columnist from the Washington Post told me that there were only about 65,000 people at the protest on Saturday. Hmm, we stretched from the Capitol building to the Washington Monument. We must have been pretty fat to need all that space for only 65,000 people.

Scooter Libby was at the fundraiser as well. He seems to have put all the unpleasantness behind him and has gotten back into the swing of his life. Good for him.

Charlie Gibson didn't know about the ACORN videos; he thinks it should just be left to the cables.

MSNBC is saying it is being done by conservative activists to demean President Obama.


LL said...

Jack Nicholson: "The Truth? You (Dear Leader) can't handle the truth!"

Soloman said...

I've agreed with Obama twice this week - once as you noted about Kanye, and the other when he accepted Joe Wilson't apology and said it was best to end things there and move the discussion forward.

One week later... looks like the Dems in the House respect Obama less than I do...??

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