Thursday, September 24, 2009

ACORN Audit?

Here is the list of the people who are going to do the "independent" audit of ACORN.

Andy Stern - SEIU head. This man received a shout-out from President Obama during the campaign; they would work together.

Henry Cisneros - Pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI during a background check.

John Podesta - Now works at The Center for American Progress. Personally chosen by George Soros.

John Bakes - Formerly with Con Ed. A large supporter of both SEIU and ACORN

Harvey Hirshfeld - NY Gore campaign manager

Eric Eve -

Dave Beckworth - a community organizer since the 1970's

Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend - She currently sits on the board for The Center for American Progress.

What do you think the chances that real change if any will be done by this organization? Truly amazing that they have no willingness to make the necessary changes. I am sure that they have helped many low income people over the years. It is a shame that the people who really do need help are being used by these people.


LL said...

What about hiring investigators from Scotland Yard - not American, no built in bias - and let them have at it? It would be a result we could all accept as fair and honest. Letting Ali Babba's 40 thieves into the cave to count the gold accomplishes nothing.

bluepitbull said...

Hmmm. Have to agree with the LL assessment. With Holder in charge on the DoJ, chances are that this will be as soft an investigation as the one into Rangel.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Yeah, like I believe the original evil members ae going to audit themselves (that's what it amounts to). I say that the Mossad (Israel Secret Service) owes us a 'solid', wouldn't you? They'd do a REAL job and heads would roll.

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