Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Conservative Girl Adventure Update

Several weeks ago I went to breakfast fundraiser for Barbara Comstock with Newt Gingrich as the guest speaker. One of the things that Newt mentioned during his talk was about how the unions and special interest groups would start taking an interest in the Virginia elections.

Well, here we go:

They are coming for Bob McDonnell - a staunch conservative candidate for governor.
In Virginia, our laws are very liberal about how much money you can give; it is umlimited actually. But, the disclosure laws are very strict. I went online and checked. The unions are starting to bring it in; SEIU from New York and New Jersey. Why New York and New Jersey are so interested in Virginia is beyond me.

Dear M,

Join us on Facebook and Twitter today!

We’re a little perplexed… Isn’t Bob McDonnell the gubernatorial candidate who:
Wrote that feminism is “detrimental to society”?

Claimed that the government paying for childcare erodes family values by pushing women into the workforce?

Deemed birth control for married couples “illogical”?

Sponsored over 40 anti-choice bills in his 17-year career?

And yet, Bob McDonnell has launched an aggressive campaign to turn out “Women for McDonnell.” And on Facebook alone, they’re already 945 strong!That’s why we’re asking you to ensure your voice is heard when it comes to protecting women’s reproductive health.

Please join NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia on Facebook and Twitter today. We’re launching an aggressive campaign against Bob McDonnell and his decades-long history of harming women’s health and equality. And by joining us on Facebook and Twitter today, you can ensure that your voice is heard.

Help us reach 945 fans, and share our Facebook page with a friend, or two, or ten! With only 49 days left until the election, we have thousands of pro-choice voters in Virginia to educate. Growing our reach on Facebook and Twitter is the first step. Joins us, and help defeat Bob McDonnell. Thank you for protecting choice!

Tarina and the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Team

If you are a facebook user, feel free to join the cause and make NARAL even more angry.


Michelle Rosalyn Matthews said...

NARAL sickens me in the fact that they brainwash people into believing that the pro-life movement is anti-woman.

Maggie Ross said...

It is a little weird, tho, that Bob thinks birth control is illogical - why can't we all just support protecting ourselves?

Michelle Rosalyn Matthews said...

Yeah, you're right, but not everyone is perfect. Perhaps he grew up in a different time and place. Abstinence is certainly a form of personal responsibility, but so is birth control.

Jo Thomas said...


The reason it's so easy to convince people that pro-life groups are anti-women is because they don't limit themselves to fighting abortion. I'll never be a liberal or a democrat, but as a sexual assault survivor and as a women, seeing a group try to limit/stop access to birth control and emergency contraception feels anti-woman to me.

I don't really have any reason to support Deeds, but saying McDonnell grew up in a different time and place doesn't make his ideas any more palatable to me... I kind of hate that elections have turned into voting for who I dislike least.

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