Monday, September 21, 2009

Is it just me?

President Obama during the run-up to the election hammered home the point that Iraq was a war of choice and Afghanistan was a war of necessity. So why is it that 8 months after taking office he still doesn't have a plan?

President Obama said during his interview with George Stephanopoulos yesterday that if you have to look up the meaning of taxes in the dictionary you are really stretching it. If it meets the definition than isn't it actually a tax?

President Obama didn't realize that ACORN was getting a lot of federal funding. Did he not read the bills he voted on while in the senate?

President Obama doesn't think that an obviously corrupt organization like ACORN getting millions of tax dollars is a high priority.

Attorney General Holder has never read the report regarding the CIA investigations already done regarding the interrogations of alleged terrorists. Wouldn't you think that he should have read the report before deciding to start another investigation?

President Obama has no interest in increasing the size of government. HUH? Is he delusional?

Samantha Power, the women who was fired from the Obama campaign for calling Hillary Clinton a monster in an interview, is now a member National Security Council and is married to Cass Sunstein.

A letter in today's edition of the Washington Post came from a man who is upset about a cartoon about Michelle Obama taking an armoured limo to the farmers market. He described the first family as living under siege due to the right winged nuts. Did he think that Laura Bush would have been able to walk across the street on her own? Clearly this is part of the problem. Did they forget what was said about President Bush?

22% of Fox News Channel viewers consider themselves independents. Why wouldn't the President not want to reach those people?

With all the interviews that President did yesterday, he was only asked about ACORN by ABC. Did the rest not think this is an important story?


Opus #6 said...

All of these are good points. It's not just you. It is incredibly odd that Obama has no plan for Afghanistan. Sounds like a delaying tactic. It would be awful for him if proper pursuit of the war ruined his domestic agenda with his left wing fringe.

The Conservative Lady said...

Not only does he not have a plan, he is skeptical of and second guessing his commanders in the field about troop levels needed in Afghanistan. Apparently, pleasing his looney lefty supporters is more important than the troops and winning the war.

LL said...

He lies and obfuscates. I know that those who will read my comment understand that. The American people still watch the evening news and the morning news and for the most part don't realize they haven't been watching the news for quite some time now.

There is discussion of newspaper bail outs, which means federal control over major newspapers. There is discussion of censorship over "negative" thoughts on the Internet. Thought police in the book 1984 seemed to be a stretch when Orwell wrote it.

Rational Nation USA said...

Great Post. I question the need for the USA's continued involvement in Afghanistan at this point in history. I frankly am finding it difficult to find a rational (national) self interest in doing so.

Could it be the Obamanation needs a distraction from the focus on his flawed universal health care, now health insurance plan?

We have had a government media complex alive and well in the US for some time. Even though Bush received negative press they loved him. He never saw a spending bill he didn't like.

The Imperial President (or perhaps The Emperor Has No Clothes) is merely upping the ante in the move towards total socialization and statism in the USA. And many drink the kool aid.

Rand's Objectivism had it about right. We are witnessing today much she warned us about. Had the majority cared to listen things might have been different.

Now the work of freedom loving people will be much more difficult.

Janie Lynn said...

Honestly? I'm just sick of seeing his mug and hearing his voice on my TV. Either he's being interviewed by the MSM, appearing in a public service ad, or making an announcement or speech. Has anyone told him the campaign is freaking over? Now he's supposed to be working for us, not trying to get us to like him.

Michelle Rosalyn Matthews said...

Joe Wilson was right to yell, "You lie!" It's true on so many levels. President Obama is a lying scumbag.

Amusing Bunni said...

It's not just you Cons. Girl! This imposter is the WORST thing that ever happened to America. He is a liar and I think he is destroying the USA on purpose. God help us all, and especially our soldiers.

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