Monday, September 21, 2009

Project Can You Hear Me Now? - Media Tea Party

Do you feel like the media is not hearing you? Show up on October 17th to let them know that we are energized and not going away. Go to your local TV station or newspaper. I will print locations when the day gets closer. If you have not been to a tea party, you will have a good time. I have been to two, and enjoyed both.

Step 1: Contact all your freedom-loving, American-loving, free-speech loving friends and invite them to get together and plan. Invite them to this page and encourage them to GET THE WORD OUT.

Step 2: Identify local left-wing media outlets (most likely TV, since no one reads newspapers anymore).

Step 3: Plan a tea-party rally for October 17th, 2009. If you have enough folks, visit multiple sites concurrently, otherwise pick your least favorite, liberally biased outlet as ground zero.

Step 4: Use your 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech right outside their offices or broadcast locations. Make sure you are on public property, not private property. Bring your signs, banners, flags, and voices to the event. Protest big government, small minds in Congress, and liberal media atrocities in reporting (or non-reporting). (Watch for the Free Speech media to attempt to have you forcibly removed by law enforcement - so stay on public property!)

Step 5: Be peaceful, respectful, but let them HEAR you and SEE you. Remember, they are hard of hearing and their eyesight isn't what it used to be the last 8 years prior.

Step 6: Complete your tea party with a cup o' tea before leaving the premises. Go home (remember to leave no litter behind - we're not liberals).

Step 7: Turn on the TV and see if they saw you. If not, smile and remember that November 2010 is just several more Tea parties away!

For updated info go here


Conservateacher said...

What a great idea, Kim. Is it yours or is this a national event that will take place on Oct 17?

Just a conservative girl said...

It is a national event. It is being organized by some of the same people who helped organize the 9/12 march

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to whomever came up with this. It shows the American spirit that is being wiped away by the current administration. We need more of the same until someone in DC hears us. Thanks.

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