Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have You No Shame? - A Slapdown at the UN

When I was younger I liked to travel. I didn't have much interest in going to college at the time, so I would save all the money I could get my hands on and travel. During some of those travels I ended up in Israel. I worked on a kibbutz for several months picking avacodos. It was a beautiful area on the shores of the Mediterranean. While I am not Jewish, I have a real soft spot for the country, it's history and traditions.

One of the first things that I learned in Israel was how to properly use a gas mask. That was quite an experience for a naive girl from suburban Connecticut. At least naive about this topic as I grew up in a town where diversity was not easy to come by. Pretty much everyone was the same. So, for me racism was an abstraction. For the most part, I believed that people were making it up. My time in Israel cured me of that belief. Not only was I living in a country where war was an everyday reality; I also had a roommate who was from South Africa. She was the first person I had ever met that I could honestly say hated blacks. It was a rude awakening for me.

This seaside town of Israel had been pretty well isolated from much of the violence that engulfed the rest of the country. It also was an area where Jews and Arabs lived side by side in peace. I met wonderful people from both neighborhoods. Sadly, that is no longer the case. It has joined the rest of the country and now has a body count of people who were sacfriced. This is the same town that Lebanon targeted just a few short years ago.

Benjamin Netanyahu took his turn at the UN lectern today. An opportunity he did not waste. It was a smack down. Bibi took swipes at not only Iran and Ahmadinejad he took on the UN directly. While holding blueprints to the death camps of Auschwitz as well as notes taken during the meetings that lead up to the final solution he railed against the very obvious anti-Semitic human rights body.

Personally I don't believe the Nazi props were necessary; as anyone who doesn't believe that it happened is an idiot. But be that as it may, he felt it was necessary. He went on to say "To those who gave this Holocaust denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people. ... Have you no shame? Have you no decency?" His real point was to make crystal clear the idea that Iran and Nuclear weapons is danger to all people, and to make clear his country's wish for a lasting peace.

Israel has the facts on their side when it comes to peace talks. Both Egypt and Jordan have signed peace agreements with Israel. Israel now has peace with both these border countries. If you leave Israel alone, they will leave you alone.

He also mentioned that 60 years ago The United Nations offered a state to the Palestinian people and the Arab nations turned it down. From what I can gather from President Obama's speech yesterday he is leaning towards a state that would look almost exactly like the state that was turned down 60 years ago.

The UN has proven to be an organization that will always side with anyone against Israel. Israeli's live daily with rocket attacks launched from within Gaza. Many of these attacks come from cowards who surround themselves with innocent women and children. This is done to make Israel look bad if they defend themselves. The UN has fallen into the trap of Hamas. The Europeans are also constantly siding with Hamas over Israel.

Bibi reminded them of the bombing that occured during the second world war and how the UK defended her people with bombings into Germany that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civillians. Those bombings were necessary and over time brought peace.

It was a speech that's time had come. That should have come a long time ago actually. The United Nations needs to prove that they are for world peace for all people, including the Jews. So far, that has not been the case.


Rational Nation USA said...

History has shown the Palestinian leadership does not want to peacefully co-exist with Israel.

The Hitler of our time, the Iranian President calls for the extinction of the Jewish state.

The Koran sanctions the following in order of priority 1) conversion of the non Muslim (or Infidel) to the faith of Islam, 2) failing to convert the infidel then they must be subjugated to Islamic law, 3) failing both the Infidel is to be killed.

Since the Jewish people will not convert, or be subjugated the only alternative for the devout Muslim is to exterminate the Jewish state.

What is terrifying is as you clearly stated "The UN has fallen into the trap of Hamas."

There will be no peace in the Holy Lands unless and until rationality prevails in what is probably the most irrational regions on earth.

The likelihood of this happening is slim as rationality, and the understanding of basic human rights, is not possible in a culture that is steeped in religious extremism.

The so called United Nations has always been, and will continue to be, irrelevant with respect to finding a solution to the "two state question."

Israel has a right to exist, security for it's people, and to be left alone. And it has the right to strike back at irrational hate filled people. Without apology.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Great article! My opinion is that the UN is totally useless and we should kick them out of America. I feel like anything 'they' say or feel is a moot point. Poor Israel. We pray for them often. They will definately stand alone with the Obamanation in office.

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