Friday, September 4, 2009

Dear Mr. President

Dear President Obama:

I am writing to you to let you know of the growing frustration that I am feeling in regards to your presidency. You were swept into office on the promise of change. You have given us change alright, but I don’t think this is the type of change that people were envisioning. You were touted as being above race, you believed in reaching out to all members of our society.

Since taking office your rhetoric and actions have just made the already shaky race relations in this country worse. Your knee-jerk reaction in regard to a white police officer in Cambridge showed a great deal about your thought processes. It never occurred to you that your friend could have over-reacted to a police officer doing his job by answering a call regarding an alleged break-in. People in this country gave you the benefit of the doubt about your pastor and the church you sat in for more than twenty years. All one had to do was read your book to know that you knew exactly what type of rhetoric Reverend Wright was preaching. It was there for all to see. Is Van Jones just part two of your lies of not knowing?

Now we are being told about your advisor on green jobs, Van Jones. This is a man who has publicly stated that anyone that dares to be a republican is an asshole. A man who has described himself as communist, who has signed a petition saying that former President Bush has a level of responsibility for the worst terrorist attack on American soil that caused the death of three thousand innocent people. A man who was involved with Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, a Marxist and revolutionary organization, not an organization that seems to have my best interests as an American at heart.

Mr. President you promised the American people that you would have the most transparent administration in history, you promised me that you were going to change how the government worked. Your wife told people during the campaign that you just get it. Well, Mr. President, I don’t get it. I don’t get why you would put a man with this past in charge of 30 billion tax dollars of hard-working Americans. How is it that you expect me to believe that this man can be trusted? This is a man who very recently has stated that white environmentalists are trying to poison urban black people. I don’t get how this man got through the extensive vetting process that you promised me. All one has to do is to Google his name and lots of disturbing information is at your finger tips. Did no one in your administration check out his past? Or Mr. President, is it that you don’t care? Is it, Mr. President that your agenda for “fundamental” change is really your belief that Van Jones’ view of the world is correct? That me, as a white person, is trying to poison blacks? Is it that since I identify my political views leaning more toward republican than democrat that I am an asshole? Is this the change that the American people voted for? Is this, Mr. President, your view of being above racial politics? I certainly hope not. Although I don’t agree with your particular brand of politics, I want to believe that you have the best interest of this country in your heart. But your choices and your actions are making that harder and harder for me to do.

Just a Conservative Girl


Left Coast Rebel said...

This really sums it up for me too......

LL said...

Well written/well said. I couldn't say it better or add a word.

Opus #6 said...

Excellent post.

Opus #6 said...

I tweeted this post using your sharing button. FUN.

Ronald Williams said...


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