Thursday, September 17, 2009

What happened to follow up, Brian?

Ah, the left is at it again; calling anyone who has the audacity not to agree with the policies of President Obama a racist. During an interview President Carter said the following: “…the overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity is based on the fact that he is a black man an African American.”. I could go into a long thing about race. But, plenty of other people are taking care of that part of the story.
My issue is where were the follow up questions for President Carter?

Why didn’t Brian Williams of NBC ask some of the following questions?

Were we racist on election day? After all he won. No candidate can win a national election with just the support of black people. Obviously white people voted for him. We couldn’t have been racist on that day.

Were we racist on inauguration day? His presidency was being touted as one of the most important things that ever happened to this country. It was a historic day for sure. We couldn’t have been racist on that day.

Were we racist the first six months of his presidency when his approval ratings were at near record levels? The approval ratings of the president were hovering at near historic levels for months. Again, this had to include support of other races. We couldn’t have been racists during those months.

Do you think that people who believe in limited government would like President Obama’s policies if he were white? The policies are increasing the size of the government and increasing the dependency we have on the government. Wouldn't that make them unhappy regardless of color?

Do you think that people who are fiscal conservatives would like President Obama’s policies if he were white? He is spending money that we don’t have in levels that we have not seen in decades. Wouldn't they oppose it anyway?

Fiscal conservatives were unhappy with the spending levels of President Bush who was white; wouldn’t that fly in the face of your premise?

And they wonder why we don’t trust the media.


Michelle Rosalyn Matthews said...

Well-said, sister! ABC is just another liberal outlet for spreading mass governmental propaganda. It's ironic because I just wrote a blog entry on this! Be sure to check it out.

Jo Anne said...

Excellent, great questions. To bad you didn't do the interview.
We must now rally around Michael Steele, he is the right man at the right time to lead us.

LL said...

The mainstream media (state-run & directed media) has become something one would expect on a Saturday Night Live skit. In fact, Jon Stewart roasted them yesterday and he's no conservative.

The situation has devolved well beyond party affiliations. The people who marched on 9/12 DID NOT march for a political party and they didn't march based on racism. They are tired of BIG GOVERNMENT and they are fed up with Washington DC. And left untreated, the wound will fester and grow. Part of the reason for the "wound" is the mainstream media's abandonment of journalistic principles for the sake of politics.

Michelle Rosalyn Matthews said...

The funny thing is that Jon Stewart was criticizing people who believe that the MMS has a liberal bias a few months ago. It's nice to see that he's finally waking up. He was a jerk when he made fun of the tea party protesters the way he did, but I hope he turns around and realizes what an idiot he looks like when he ridicules them in such a harsh manner.

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