Monday, September 7, 2009

Comments From The Peanut Gallery

There is an interesting article in The Telegraph about President Obama's ecomonic policies, and how he is making the same mistakes made after the great depression. But what is much more interesting are the comments:

Here are a few:

Churchill said that socialism was the equal distribution of misery. The most miserable and destitute country in the western hemisphere is Haiti, which has been solidly capitalist for nearly two hundred years.Cuba, by comparison, is a paradise. Has this person been to Cuba? I don't think people would be sailing ninty miles in the ocean risking thier lives to get to the US if it were such a paradise, although I would agree that it is better than Haiti. Haiti is a capitalist country? They have not had a stable government in decades, you can't have capitalism without stability.

While it is true that Obama's Marxist policies will destroy the economy, it is also true that this is the whole object of the exercise. Obama promoted "share the wealth" and "equality of outcome" during the campaign for the presidency; now he is implementing those Marxist policies, and getting Marxist results (economic disaster, like the Soviets). The fact that bank, auto, and other shareholders have lost trillions of dollars is fine with the Marxists since these were mostly white "capitalists" who had their pensions and retirement funds substantially destroyed. The beneficiaries of the redistribution of wealth are primarily the Marxist themselves, followed by their political constituencies: ethnic, gender, demographic, etc. From the Marxists' point of view, everything is going quite well, thank you, including the reduction of the USA to third world status. Not a big fan of the US I guess.

No mistakes here ! Even Helen Keller can see that this disaster is manufactured by racist marxists. Obama and his cohorts are achieving exactly what they set out to do. Seen this stuff before in Germany - good luck America, you're gone need it ! I guess American conservatives aren't the only ones who think this.

The author and economists are wrong in assuming that the president does not know what he is doing. He knows exactly what he is doing and he thinks he can get away with it. Again, it isn't just us conservatives.

The US has been on this vector for decades. It'd be surprising if ignorant primates (all of 'em) could discover that freedom has been in short supply and their ever-increasing statism has [finally] killed the west. Sadly, this is too true

Socialism is taking over most western countries. And will continue to until the public realizes how bad it is. Unfortunately for all, the US is on the same road. It is going to get ugly, but hay morons don't deserve freedom.


Opus #6 said...

Oh, so sad. It is harsh to look reality directly in the eye. But a necessary first step.

Janie Lynn said...

Oh we're headed there alright. I think people are finally starting to wake up, but not enough yet. I hope it's not too late when they do.

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