Friday, September 18, 2009

Things that make you say hmm

During a debate between the candidates for Virginia's governor yesterday Democrat Creigh Deeds said:
"No, I'm not going to raise taxes. But I am the only person on this dias who will sign a transportation plan that will raise new money."
How exactly are you going to raise money without increasing taxes?

Yesterday the first lady made a stop at the local farmer's market to promote healthier eating habits. She is an advocate for lower income people having access to healthy and organic foods. She spent $5 for a dozen eggs. Does she think that lower income people can afford to spend $5 for eggs? I am not lower income, but I am not going to spend $5 for a dozen eggs.

The DNC has an ad out featuring Glen Beck. Is he running for something?

Nancy Pelosi stated the other day that the rhetoric sounds familiar. She is referring to the riots after the verdict of the murder trial of Harvey Milk's killer. Harvey Milk was murdered because a man was upset at not getting his job back. What has that got to do with what is going on today?

Have you noticed that the number of uninsured has dropped from 50 million to 30 million? Has the twenty million gotten insurance in the past few months? And why exactly is the press not asking what happened to these twenty million people?

The Danish tourist agency did a video featuring a young women holding a young baby asking for the father to contact her. She met him at a bar and didn't remember his name. So, are they trying to say that they have a bunch of loose women who drink too much so it is a good vacation spot for young horny men?

Even Jay Leno and John Stewart are turning on ACORN.

Today Michelle Obama met with democratic woman activists. In her speech she talked about how all women need to work for health care reform. So, I guess as well as being racist and I am not a good woman now too.

Nancy Pelosi has a new fundraising ad out, The September Money March. Hmm, where ever did she get the idea about a march?

Not one single arrest was made at the DC March last weekend. If we were angry and violent wouldn't at least one person have been arrested?


LL said...

All those things make me say Hmmmmmmm.....

I don't think Michelle Obama knows what eggs are supposed to cost. And I don't think anyone who's been scamming her way through life the way the Obamas have are in touch with what "regular people" do, to spite Dear Leaders assertion that he's just a regular guy.

And yes, no matter what color you are, if you don't love Dear Leader and support him in all he does, you are either a racist or a traitor to your race.

Left Coast Rebel said...

I did notice the number of uninsured dropped to 30 million....yet no explanation. Incredibly, I think this points to the fact that the debate has been lost for Obama. Very bizarre too.

Mary Baker said...

Can I hear someone say, "out of touch", these people are so bogus.

Soloman said...

$5 for eggs?

At my local grocery store, I can buy the whole chicken, cooked on a rotisserie, and packaged to go for $3.99! That leaves me enough to go back to the refrigerated department and pick up a dozen eggs and still get out for around five bucks.

$5 for eggs... sheesh. These "educated" people are pretty darned stupid.

Anonymous said...


Jo Thomas said...

I din't listen to/read Michelle Obama's speech on women and healthcare, so I can't speak to what she said, but regarding your comments, I do believe to some extent that women should be more vested in reform. And really, I don't know that the current discussions have anything to do with women's specific problems with insurance.

But insurance programs that cover Viagra and not birth control are not good for women. Insurance conditions that discriminated against you because you have survived an abusive relationship are not good for women. Insurance companies that would deny a woman's claim when she wakes up in the middle of the night with a bleeding nipple and goes to the emergency room because it isn't a real emergency (surely they would not have said the same if a man woke with a bleeding penis) are not good for women.

So yes, I think that all women should support health care reform, just not necessarily the one that everyone's trying to feed us.

I'm not saying you aren't a good women if you don't, I'm just saying that I think there is a valid problem with the current system, specifically for women and their needs, that needs to be dealt with.

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