Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sen. Gillibrand of NY released a statement on her vote to continue tax payer funding of ACORN

"...while Senator Gillibrand finds the actions of certain Acorn employees to be reprehensible and will ask Acorn leaders for a full investigation and plan to prevent any further abuse, the truth remains that thousands of New York families who are facing foreclosure depend on charitable organizations like Acorn for assistance.”

They can still receive assistance, Senator.

Isn't she up for re-election next year?
While I was visiting Senator Warner's office last week, his Chief Counsel gave me his business card with an email address on it. I sent him an email to thank him for taking the time to meet with me. The email came back as address unknown.
Then they wonder why we don't like them.


Opus #6 said...

LOL. It will be so easy to campaign against these corruptocrats next year.

Soloman said...

People INSIDE of ACORN have asked for an investigation, and they have since been locked out of their offices. This woman thinks she's special?

Good luck with that..

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