Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bill Bolling Drops out of VA Governor's Race

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling will officially announce he will not be seeking the republican nomination for the Virginia Governor's race in 2013.  

Wow, I am shocked and in disbelief.  It is rare that anything in politics truly stuns me, but this does.  

It isn't because I really support the guy, just that he has taken it for the team on several occasions.  Four years ago he decided not to run to give Gov Bob McDonnell a clear shot at the nomination.  This year, it is AG Ken Cuccinelli that has that clear shot.  

Now, there was no way he was going to beat McDonnell four years ago and since the state party had changed to a convention this spring instead of a primary, he had no realistic shot at again this year.  Which I am sure weighed heavily in his decision to drop his bid.  

The question becomes does he run for a third term as Lt. Governor?  The senate is tied, so it gives him pull.  (In Virginia, the Lt. Governor is its own race, and it is very possible that we could have split parties running the state). 

Official announcement is expected later today, I will update with the text at that time.  

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