Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Farewell Speaker Pelosi

OH, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tea Party Patriot Party broke out in applause and dance when they announced that the reign of Nanny Pelosi is history.  Then the "CAN YOU HEAR US NOW" chants broke out. 

Right now we have some entertainment.  We are currently watching Rubio give his acceptance speech.  Stacy over at The Other McCain actually has press credentials to cover the Rubio campaign, so head on over to see what he has to say.  McCain's sidekick Smitty is here at the party with me. 

Smitty and I are more than a little sad that Moron Moran will continue on.  But, Murray gave him a run. 

I just checked in Florida races and Allen West is up by 14 points.

We will be taking a walk over to the White House in a little bit.

Enjoy your election night folks.  We certainly are.

Oh, by the way - The DNC is across the street, I think the party is breaking up a little early though :{ 


Sparky said...

I know I'm applauding with joy. Can I hand Nazi Pelosi's hat to her and show her the door!!?? I'd like to kick her in the .... on the way out. WAHOO!! Good post Conservative Girl. :)

Soloman said...

Glad to hear you're having fun - you should have seen Bachmann on MSNBC!

Here's a link, when you have the time

Have fun!

LL said...

Finally an end to the Pelosi reign of horror.

Just a conservative girl said...

Yes, the reign is over. You have no idea how much I want to be in the house on Jan. 11th. If I recall I have a pass that I never used. I have to find out if I can still use it on that day. If not, I will try and pull the tea party caucus card and see if I can get one.

hometown guy said...

looking forward to seeing the legislative fixes that your folks come up with. and i'm not being churlish, if you guys believe you have the answers i'm all for seeing what they are. from the sound of the bloggers and politicians who have been campaigning, things should be back to normal in no time.

Just a conservative girl said...

I can't speak for the politicans themselves, but the Tea Party knows this is a baby step. We have a long way to go. If we can slow down the spending and the earmarks over the next two years we will be happy. Oh, Obamacare must be defunded. If it is not, we will kick these people out to.

hometown guy said...

i can't really say i want to have insurance companies be able to discriminate against pregnant women and others with 'pre-existing conditions' again. or is that part of the health care law ok?

Just a conservative girl said...

Nothing in the federal bill is ok.

The pre exisiting condition argument is a straw man in many instances. Many states already have provisions in place that don't allow pregnancy to be considered one. That is fact. Just ask my sister in law. They didn't want to pay for insurance, when she had her two kids they went out and got it, and then dropped it once they paid the bills.

If you have been uninsured for less than 90 days no such pre existing condition exists for anyone. That law has been in place in for a long time. That happened before I moved to Virginia and I have been here for 15 yrs. That is why you get HIPPA forms when you change jobs. Again, I went through this myself. I couldn't afford my cobra payments and went without insurance for about six months. My new insurance then asked me to prove that it wasn't something that had not been treated for before. Once six months had passed that was no longer an issue.

These are state issues, not the place of the federal government. If you want additional regulation on the insurance agencies than do it at the state level.

There are problems with our healthcare system, that cannot be denied. But that over reaching law will not address them. My insurance costs have almost doubled for the coming year. Thanks to Obamacare, I will be paying almost 85% more than I did this year. My current plan is no longer "legal". Do you want to give me that money to pay the difference?

hometown guy said...

the new law is flawed but the concept of it is not. it is modeled on healthcare plans that are successful in other countries, but it stops short of the level of governmental involvement that those other countries exercise.

the rates charged by insurance companies have gone up at a higher rate than their expenses have, which means they are able to raise rates arbitrarily to increase profits.

they are also able to spend unlimited amounts of money to persuade politicians to craft legislation that favors them, which is what led to many of the flaws of "Obamacare". (funny name, since it was actually crafted completely by congress).

you make good points about state vs federal regulation; i tend to be sympathetic to state sovereignty arguments.

regardless, i think the only solutions that work in the peoples' benefit are those that take power from corporations and restore it to the people. and what is the organization formed by the people, to represent the will of the people? that would be the government.

but i know that is where the right and left typically part ways. the right tends to view government as something separate from the people, while the left view it as the working will of the people (except when it isn't).

i'll wrap this up as i've gotten completely off-topic.

regardless, as i said, i do really look forward to hearing some of the new ideas about how our country can fix its health care system. solutions beyond defunding the current attempt to help are obviously sorely needed.

Just a conservative girl said...

If you truly believed that than you should be in favor the healthcare reforms that were done in Indiana by Gov. Daniels. He reduced costs with market based solutions by putting the consumer in charge. HSA accounts puts the consumer in charge, not mandatory policies for things that not all people need. They can shop around for the best costs and the insurance company is not in between the patient and the provider. That is the plan that I had. It worked very well. I, alone, dealt with the insurance company. Most costs went way down. The biggest problem with the costs right now is that the end user has no idea how much something costs and uses medical care willy nilly without any concern for the cost factor. My doctors gave me a discount because I paid cash and they didn't have to fill out paperwork.

You can't compare what a much smaller European country does to us. We have much larger populations, that changes the costs. We also don't want to have to wait for care like happens in Europe.

Health insurance companies have a much lower profit ratio than many other major corporations. Also, putting the government in between me and my insurance doesn't make it easier. It makes more it unwieldly, more apt for corruption, and much more chance for fraud. Which will always raise the costs, not lower them.

You should be ashamed that you are saying that the bill is flawed now. They all knew that and passed it anyway. That is shameful and the average person is now paying higher costs. Thanks to the democrats. You wonder why they got kicked to the curb yesterday? You need to look no further than that for a good explanantion.

hometown guy said...

i am not ashamed to be saying i think the bill is flawed. i happen to think it's flawed because of the major compromises made with the insurance companies, drug companies and conservative democratic lawmakers. i'm trying to be honest, and i think telling someone they should be ashamed of an opinion is a little insulting, unless the opinion is patently offensive.

also i wouldn't espouse an opinion if i didn't truly believe it, and i don't believe you would either, so let's not use the "if you truly believed that" line on each other. i know you are honest and serious in your beliefs and so am i, and neither of our ideologies arose out of complete ignorance.

you make very good points. what are the chances CG and HG could work together in this forum to come up with a solution that would truly benefit all americans? i say those chances are decent.

then we could suggest it to politicians and either be ignored or have it corrupted, ha ha... but it would be a fun exercise perhaps.

Just a conservative girl said...

I am all for working together. There are solutions to these problems. The main reason the politicos don't fix the problems if because if they do the wedge issues disappear.

You will never convince me that SS can't be fixed. It can, and it must be. We can't promise people things and then realize that they have to take it away. Both parties have wasted that money. It must stop. We need to actually fix problems.

And for you to say that their were "conservative" comprimises in obamacare is laughable. The republicans were shut out, the meetings were held behind closed doors, and they bribed their members with goodies to get it passed. That is not what we pay them for.

hometown guy said...

i didn't say conservative compromises, i said compromises with conservative democrats, which unfortunately means compromises with whatever selfish, lobbyist-inspired interest they felt like representing.

so we're pretty much on the same page.

i agree with you on SS too.

and by the way, i really like the new comments setup!

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