Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DC Scholarship Program One Step Closer to Reinstatement

Today the house passed a bill to reinstate the DC Voucher program.  It gained very little democratic support.  Shocker, I know.  The dems actually had the nerve to say:

Democrats opposed it as an inappropriate use of federal funds and an unwelcome intrusion into local affairs.

If the dems really felt that education was a local affair why do we still have the Department of Education.  That is an intrusion into local affairs.  They then go into the mantra that it will adversely affect public school funding.  The problem is that is wrong.  This funding will only give 1/3 of the funding for the bill to go to the voucher program.  $100 Million going to vouchers and $200 Million to the public/charter school system.  For those that are not aware, the school system in DC is federally funded.  The reality is that the vouchers for high school students is 12K per year as opposed to the 28K that is paid for the public school system.  It is actually cheaper to send the kids to private school and the graduation rates are significantly higher and does have higher rates for reading comprehension.  Read an additional report here.  You can also read a letter from a parent who talks about the change not only in her daughter's life but her own. 

Its lead author, Patrick J. Wolf, told a Senate committee last month that the program was good for students
But, why would the democrats let facts get in the way when they have the unions to protect? 

Here is Speaker Boehner on the topic today on the floor of the house.  There is hope in the house.  Sen. Lieberman is a sponsor of the bill and there has been Dem support for vouchers when it passed several years ago.  It then falls onto to President Obama.  Will he veto a bill that will give under privileged students access to the same school his two daughters attend.  I have said this before, Obama knows that vouchers is part of the solution, does he have the backbone to stand up to the unions?   

And here is one of my favorite congressman.

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