Friday, March 4, 2011

Anti Sharia Press Conference at White House

There is an article on The Blaze about the press conference today.  A liberal leaning media outfit was there and took video of people surrounding a Muslim man while he was praying.  Now, he didn't have a prayer rug nor did he take his shoes off and I thought that was a little odd, as that is part of the rituals of Muslim prayer. 

The Anti Sharia people who held the press conference left before this incident happened.  That is a fact.  But, the media report was correct in the fact that some people who there to attend the rally/press conference did participate in the surrounding of the man.   Also, the man was in no danger.  The Park Police were right there if anyone had been stupid enough to try and hurt him, they would have been stopped immediately.  Which no one tried to harm him in anyway.  While I do believe the majority of the people surrounding him were part of the crazy Koran burning church from Florida, which has ties to Westboro. 

I also had another odd incident happen.  In between the press conference ending and the praying man incident I was talking to some people that I met from New York and some local people that I know from the Tea Party.  We had a guy come up to us with another man taking video.  He asked us if we wanted to burn the Koran.  I just went off.  I told the guy to get away from us, we wanted nothing to do with Koran burning and we would not allow him to bait us into doing or saying something stupid so they could put us all over the leftie blogosphere as bigots.  You know for someone who is as shy as I am, I have gotten pretty good at this.  The guy did come back to us later and apologize and told us he was a conservative and thought we were with the Koran burners.  The police had moved them to another location during the press conference. 

You can't make your own decision about the behaviour of these people.  I personally found it horrible. His consitutional rights give him the right to pray.  The constitution protects everyone.  I didn't know this at the time, but he had nothing to do with the days events, he prays there every few days. 


Justin said...

Your even-handedness in addressing this story is admirable. The only way we can effectively combat the Left's caricatures of us is to "be our best selves" (to use a Beck-ism). Keep fighting the good fight.

The Conservative Lady said...
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The Conservative Lady said...

(Sorry about the comment delete. I wanted to add something.)
Good job, jacg.
Too bad these people felt it necessary to show such disrespect to this man. They're stupidity will be used in the future by the Leftists in their claims of the intolerance of Christians. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I've asked our expat conservative blog to link to yours.
Ross's Right Angle, in South East Asia. Here's a sample

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