Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shelia Jackson Lee's Tantrum at King Hearings

The boss from hell is a real piece of work.  She quotes herself in the third person, which I found very amusing.  She then continues to go on and on (and I really mean on and on) about the KKK.  I went online to try and find out when the last murder committed by the KKK was.  The most recent thing I could find was from 08 and it was a white woman who was shot at an initiation meeting.  She was there to get training to recruit new members.  I don't see that as a major issue.  I am in no way downplaying the dangers of an organization like the KKK, I am just saying that they are not an immediate threat to national security. 

The Department of Justice announced recently that the threat is real.  This coming from AG Holder himself.  Holder who has bent over backwards to give terrorists every single benefit of the doubt. The most recent comments from DoJ is that there is a threat to the public coming from homegrown terrorists almost every two weeks.  Sooner or later they are going to get it right.  Do you really want to be seen as the person who standing against the investigation into the root causes of how our young are being used to committ acts of violence against innocents? 

There are real reasons why this topic must be addressed. 

Oh, by the way Congresswoman, the reason that you don't see the people that are not cooperating in front of you is because they are not cooperating.


The Conservative Lady said...

The Jackson-Lee video is not working, but I did watch the Holder video. Pretty scary stuff and having the Obama Administration in charge of national security makes it even scarier.

Justin said...

"This hearing is playing into Al Qaeda." Right...just like the Iraq War, and Afghan War, and Guantanamo Bay. It seems Rep. Lee believes ANY confrontation of radical Islam only "plays into their hands." If that's the case, then, I suppose President Obama's policy of studied indecision should start reaping tremendous social/foreign policy benefits...well, so long as you don't count the shooting at the AR recruiting station, the Fort Hood massacre, the attempted Times Square bombing...

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